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Agronomy Digitial Media

Apr 01, 2019

Lisa Wilson
E-Commerce Specialist

At Midwest Farmers Cooperative, we strive to utilize the best technology to help our owners grow in their operations. While we are getting ready to head into a quick and busy spring, we want to continue to be able to provide you with the information you need. We will be utilizing digital media resources to accomplish this. 

What is digital media? Digital media is digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or other networks. Information can include text, pictures, videos, podcasts, etc. There are multiple platforms available to use for digital media. The following is what we are using and how it is being implemented: E-mails are being sent out at different parts of the year to help with decision making, present in-season tools, and showcase results such as product/seed trials. Text messages give insight directly from your local agronomist on what they are seeing in season, sales promotions, etc. They also serve as reminders for events such as local producer meetings, plot days, and trainings.

Facebook and Twitter are our social media accounts. They deliver brief information and links about what is going on in our Midwest Farmers Cooperative territory. Our webpage provides a broad spectrum of resources such as news articles, links, bulletins, and contact information.

We hope you support us in utilizing digital media to deliver you the most relevant information as quickly as possible. We ask that you please help us by signing up for e-mail and text messages. Contact your local agronomist or me to provide your e-mail address, phone number, and cell provider. My email address is Also, follow us on Twitter (@mfc_nebraska) and Facebook (Midwest Farmers Cooperative). We wish you a happy and safe spring and hope to “connect” to you soon!

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