Spreading our Message about Sustainable Farming Practices

We offer agricultural sustainability programs through truterra.

Our sustainability commitment

All too often in business, long-term viability is sacrificed for the promise of short-term gains. But not in agriculture. We take a multi-generational view, not a quarterly view. We know that we must take care of our land so it will be productive well into the future. It’s why we have so many Century Farms, and it’s our definition of sustainability.

At Frontier, we focus on sustainability while also finding ways to steadily increase productivity. We utilize The Ultimate Acre System (UAS), which is focused on raising yields in a sustainable manner. In addition to the UAS, we partner with Truterra, LLC, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, to further strengthen our sustainability efforts.

Who is Truterra?

Truterra is Frontier’s solution to conservation agronomy. Our Ag Advisors work directly with farmers and provide customized recommendations to help them continually improve their on-farm stewardship of air, soil and water, while increasing profitability.

Frontier helps our growers communicate messages about land stewardship. This message of sustainability can then be translated from field to fork and reach consumers across all sectors of the United States and other areas of the world.

By working together with Truterra, we are leading the way in sustainability. This partnership comes with access to countless benefits. You’ll gain deeper insights into your operation that will help you participate in emerging markets like carbon, other ecosystem services markets, and sustainably produced commodities. Through Truterra, our growers have access to their new carbon program, TruCarbon™, and sustainability tool, Truterra™ Insights Engine.

We deliver stories of stewardship, feeding the world, and positively impacting society. Frontier offers a number of services to support sustainability and create solutions.

We deliver stories of stewardship, feeding the world, and positively impacting society. Frontier offers a number of services to support sustainability and create solutions.

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What is TruCarbon™

TruCarbon™ is Truterra’s carbon program which provides access to current carbon marketplace offerings and represents the industry’s leading value-share opportunity for stewardship-minded farmers. As the only farmer-driven carbon opportunity, TruCarbon™ focuses on maximizing grower value of stewardship practices while working closely with Frontier to maintain an on-farm profitability focus.
Truterra is uniquely positioned to help Frontier and its growers develop high-quality, science- and data-based carbon credits. Here’s how:
  • Carbon credits require substantial data – Truterra makes data collection easier while adding actionable insights to enhance your profitability.
  • Confidence in carbon credit quality is key – The Truterra™ Insights Engine applies sophisticated agronomic modeling that considers variation in geography, soil type, management, and climate to accurately quantify soil carbon storage potential.
  • The carbon marketplace is complicated – Truterra is working to bring quality, transparency, and efficiency to our retailer and farmer customers, all with the intention of maximizing on-farm revenue opportunities.

Get started today by visiting truterraag.com/CarbonSurvey


On-farm stewardship has always been a good investment, and it's even better now. In 2021, you may be eligible to earn $20 per ton for the carbon that may already be sequestered in your fields. 

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