Anchored by Rural Roots to Reach Greater Heights.

There’s something special about the rural communities that Frontier calls home.

It’s been our home for more than 100 years for good reason. Because we’ve never forgotten why we came about in the first place.

We were established by a few dozen farmers who had a shared vision of coming together to create a reliable source of inputs for their farms and markets for their production. Though we’re much bigger today, the farmers who own our cooperative and the employees who operate it still share a vision of what’s possible when everyone comes together.

We know each other and we experience life together. And we’re not afraid to go out on the ledge and try new things because of the support we feel from across the company.

Agriculture is rapidly changing. New technology and the global nature of the industry present a new frontier for everyone involved. And while a setting out for a new frontier can be intimidating, we at Frontier Cooperative are anxious to see what’s next and make the most of every opportunity for our customers, employees and communities.


Leading the way to develop generational success.


Empowering our team to provide an experience that enables our owners and communities to prosper.


Do the Right Thing. • Make a Difference. • Better our Best. • Create Opportunities. • Support the Frontier Family.

Enduring Partnerships

Today’s Frontier Cooperative was formed as the result of a merger between Frontier and Midwest Cooperative in September 2019, but its roots date back to February 18, 1915.

At that time, an organizational meeting was held for the purpose of organizing the Farmers Elevator Company at Novak’s Hall in Brainard. Consequently, the first elevator was built in 1915 for $9,000 and it held up to 35,000 bushels. (To contrast that original storage amount, an expansion in 1994 allowed grain storage delivery of up to 32,000 bushels/hour!)

Over the years, the predecessors of both Frontier and Midwest completed many mergers and acquisitions, growing their territories across southern and central Nebraska. The Frontier name came into being in 1990, following the merger of Farmers Cooperative Co. of Brainard with Farmers Union Cooperative of Mead.

Board of Directors

Senior Leadership

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Home Office Staff

3333 Landmark Cir.
Lincoln, NE 68504

Jeremy Wilhelm
Chief Executive Officer
402-937-1800 Ext. 2006
Craig Schultz
Chief Operating Officer
402-937-1800 Ext. 2004
Randy Birchem
VP of Energy
402-937-1800 Ext. 2010
Russ Vering
VP of Nutrition
402-937-1800 Ext 2017
Bryan Choutka
Senior VP of Grain
402-937-1800 Ext. 2007
Gayln Boesiger
VP of Grain
402-937-1800 Ext. 2008
Mike Carroll
VP of People Engagement & Safety
402-937-1800 Ext. 2018
Dave Reese
VP of Agronomy
402-937-1800 Ext. 2011
Jason Penlerick
Crop Protection & Seed Procurement Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2013
Levi Durnal
Crop Nutrient Procurement Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2012
Bob True
Credit Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2016
Brian Bohling
Chief Financial Officer
402-937-1800 Ext. 2030
Ryan Meister
VP of Digital Transformation
402-937-1800 Ext. 2029
Lisa Wilson
Technology Deployment Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2003
Geoff King
Sr. IT Support Services Technician
402-937-1800 Ext. 2024
Seth Brittenham
402-937-1800 Ext. 2009
Travis Grahleer
IT Support Services Technician
402-937-1800 Ext. 2025
Jon Brabec
Chief Marketing Officer
402-937-1800 Ext. 2005
Sophia Svanda
Marketing Communications Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 1905
Rachel Niemann
Marketing Brand Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2020
Jacie Bird
Accounting Clerk
Ellen Ahlers
Administrative Assistant

Credit Application

If you have any questions please contact:

Bob True
Credit Manager
402-937-1800 Ext. 2016