Increase Row Crop Yield with YieldON

YieldONTM is a biostimulant designed to increase row crop productivity by upregulating plant cell division, and internal transport of sugars and nutrients. YieldONTM, a result of GEAPOWERTM technology, assists in more efficient use of crop inputs while supporting sustainable agriculture. 

YieldON™ contains a selection of extracts from three families of plants and seaweeds and is enriched with three micronutrients: manganese, zinc, and molybdenum. These micronutrients support nutrient transport, phloem loading and cell division. 

Syngenta Biologicals switches “ON” row crop profitability

Advanced science and innovative technologies, such as Genomics, Phenomics, and Next Generation Sequencing, are concentrated in the revolutionary YieldONTM. The result is the creation and retention of more pods, more seeds per pod, larger kernels, less kernel “Tip-Back,” and more yield.

The innovative design of YieldONTM - Integrated Approaches

We utilize an integrated “omics & field-trials” approach to characterize the physiological effect of YieldONTM using different model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana, corn, and soybean). We focus on gene expression and plant phenomic analyses. Thanks to the most recent “Next Generation Sequencing Technology,” we obtain an accurate measurement of all the expressions of genes that regulate plant processing. Our gene testing results complement, at the molecular and physiological levels, the plant response and yield increases observed in hundreds of field trials over multiple years.

A new combination of extracts never used!

 More than 65% of the composition on a dry basis of YieldONTM is characterized by a selection of extracts from three distinct families of donor plants enriched with trace elements Mn, Zn, and Mo.

After a strict screening of many different plants, we selected these three families due to their high concentration of proven elite biomaterials capable of superior crop upregulation.

How Does YieldONTM Increase Productivity?

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows us to detect the expression of corn and soybean genes related to increased plant productivity.

Thanks to this technology, we know the molecular mode of action of YieldONTM is:

  1. Better transport of sugars and nutrients
  2. Promotion of cell division resulting in larger seeds, better seed retention, and more yield. 

Highest crop yield, highest return for farmers.

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