Farm Planning Services

Farm Transition Planning Service

Your ability to plan and successfully transfer your farm to the next generation of dedicated family owners will ensure not only a family farm legacy, but also the continued growth of our communities and your cooperative. 
We have identified local partners that provide access to planning resources you can leverage when you are ready to begin this process, or simply to take an updated look at your current plans. To learn more, access the link below, or contact Doug Krasne directly with your questions at 402-850-7368 or

Frequently Asked Questions

"EZ Access" Risk Management Services

Our newest service for you, as member, is to help you identify and quantify one of the major risks you face in your business. That risk is the possibility that you have a situation in which you cannot run the farm. So much of what you plan to do is dependent on YOU, and an event that takes you out of the picture can disrupt all those plans.

We invite you to learn more and explore the information by clicking the links below that details types of insurance and scenarios, as well as information about the Insurance Portal.

Why Do I Need Insurance?
How Does the Insurance Portal Work?

Click below to be redirected to the Insurance Web Portal to obtain a life insurance quote from the comfort of your own home. You can investigate, on your own time, your needs, the cost and process for getting insurance. Or, or contact our planning partner, Doug Krasne at 402-850-7368 or