Precise Measures for Sustainable Farming

precision ag

At Frontier, we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of every acre. We believe in bringing cutting-edge technology to the growers we serve, which is why we have a dedicated precision agriculture team.

Why Precision Ag?

Precision agriculture has become a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, since it respects crops, soils and farmers. Through high-tech systems, it provides a number of benefits for your farm, the environment and our society, including:

  • Optimal field-level management by matching farming practices more closely to crop needs.
  • Reduced environmental risks and footprint of farming. Applying the right amount of inputs in the right place and at the right time benefits crops, soils and groundwater, and thus the entire crop cycle.
  • Improved competitiveness through more efficient practices.  
  • Targeted use of nutrients and other crop inputs, while boosting yields.

early bird drone spraying savings

Farmers and Landowners, gear up for a prosperous season with our precision drone spraying services. Secure your early bird discount by prepaying and submitting your maps to your local ag advisor by March 1st.

Exclusive Per-Acre Discounts:

  • Row Crops/Alfalfa: Get a $1.50/ac discount from our usual $16.50/ac. (24 acres needed to meet the usual $400 minimum)
  • Pasture/CRP/Organic Crops: Enjoy a $1.50/ac saving on our $20/ac rate. (20 acres needed to meet the usual $400 minimum)

Our $400 minimum charge ensures that every drone spraying job covers our operational costs, making our high-quality service sustainable for all field sizes. For early birds, we're offering a special:

  • If your discounted acreage doesn't reach our usual acreage threshold, we'll lower the minimum charge to $300. This means you save $100, making our expert services even more accessible!

Tailored for diverse agricultural needs, our drone service ensures your crops and pastures get the best care. Contact your local Frontier Ag Advisor to get started! 

Have a Unique Drone Spraying Idea? 

We love creative agricultural solutions! If your spraying needs don't quite fit the categories above, don't hesitate to reach out. We're excited to discuss and tailor our services to suit your innovative projects!

Why Frontier Cooperative for Precision Ag?

Through the use of our precision agriculture technologies and in-house expertise, we provide you with a sound road map to use data to make decisions and measure improvements. Your Frontier Ag Advisor will help you pinpoint specific information, insight, and data to take your farm and fields to a new level of productivity.

We understand that data overload can be an issue with precision ag, which is why we’re taking action to bring data together to deliver powerful information. We have systems that put data in one place without having to go out and access outside programs, and we’re always looking to improve our systems.

Whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been using these practices for years, look to our people, tools and knowledge to help you with your precision ag needs.


Precision Ag Services

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Soil data collection through grid/zone soil sampling
Variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer and seed tailored to the field level
Drone Application
 In-season imagery and tissue sampling to help you make important decisions during the growing season
 Yield mapping reports to build a record of your farm
 Whole farm plan including cost per bushel analysis