Safety is Our Top Priority

Frontier Cooperative is committed to providing an environment free of hazards for employees, contractors, vendors and guests.

Frontier ensures that appropriate training is provided, communicated and presented to best equip and protect our employees, contractors, vendors, guests, facilities and communities.

We complete walkthrough training at our facilities with local fire departments where we explain what we’re handling, and why we handle it. If there is an issue, then they are familiar with our facilities. We also supply them with tools, such as grain bridges, which assist in grain bin rescues.

Safety is a shared responsibility in which every individual must take ownership of his or her own safety and the safety of co-workers and work environment. Frontier employees are required to follow these safety standards and best practices at all times and at every branch location.

Note for Farmers

We’re committed to helping our farmer owners implement safety protocols on their operations. As a farmer, if you ever have a question about safety then you should call the Safety and Compliance team at Frontier, and we’ll help you find a solution to whatever safety need you may have on the farm.  

Grain Safety

Grain Bin Safety

The goal of the Safety Bulletin is to provide insight into preventing grain entrapments and understanding how three types of entrapments occur. Severe injuries and deaths can be avoided with a constant commitment to basic safety measures and situational awareness. Every flowing grain entrapment is a preventable incident.

Chemical Safety

Read more about Safety Tips for the use of Anhydrous Ammonia

Secondary containment and a load-out facility are required when bulk pesticide storage capacity exceeds 500 gallons. Even if secondary containment is not required, a custom applicator must have a load-out facility when using pesticides from original containers larger than 3 gallons or when using pesticide or fertilizer mixtures of more than 100 gallons.

Energy Safety

Texting and Driving

A new traffic safety epidemic has emerged on America’s roadways that demands immediate attention: distracted driving.

Safety Data Sheets

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Cody Hull
Emergency Health & Safety Manager