Agricultural Petroleum & Propane Contract Request

One contract request form must be submitted for each product. If not priced by the date shown below. The price will be determined at the close of the market that day.


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Contract gallons (if applicable)
Contract gallons (if applicable)
Contract gallons (if applicable)
If ordering Propane, please select N/A for Fuel/Gas
If ordering Fuel/Gas, please select N/A for Propane

SAMPLE Contract

THIS AGREEMENT   is made effective as of (Drop down Calendar) between Frontier Cooperative and    _____ (Customer Name) ______(“Buyer”) doing business / residing at __(Address)_________and confirms the purchase of propane/fuels arranged by Frontier Cooperative and __ (Representative)_______ of the buyer.
1. PURCHASE & SALES Frontier Cooperative has agreed to sell and deliver, and Buyer has agreed to purchase and receive product in the quantity and at the price under the terms specified below:
Product; _ (Drop Down Box Product Selection) _, Quantity; ____________________ Price $_ (Office use only)
Deposit amount $_ (Office use only) _Prepaid amount $_ (Office use only) _ Sales Tax $(Office use only)
Total Due Date of Contract $_ (Office use only) _
Delivery Period Starting Date; (Drop down Calendar) Ending Date (Drop down Calendar)
2. PAYMENT   Buyer agrees to pay the total amount specified in section 1 of this agreement upon execution of this agreement.
3. PRICING   The final load of product delivered hereunder will be billed at two prices; (1) the contract price for those gallons necessary to fulfill the quantity specified, and (2) the current posted price for those gallons in excess of the total quantity.
4.   DELIVERY    Frontier Cooperative shall have no obligation to make any delivery hereunder in quantities less than 250 gallons.  In the event of a delivery of less than 250 gallons, unless specifically for the convenience of, Frontier Cooperative a delivery charge of $30.00 will be added to each invoice. In the event buyer fails to take delivery on a quantity of product by the date specified in Section 1 under the terms of this agreement, Frontier Cooperative will assess a fee of 10 cents per gallon restocking fee, plus the difference from the current tank wagon price to the contract price if the price of the tank wagon is less. In the event of a prepaid contract the assessment fee would be deducted from the contract price specified in Section 1, and the remaining dollars returned to the customer, or applied to their account.
5.   ALLOCATION   In the event of any curtailment, shortage, or cessation in Frontier Cooperative existing or contemplated availability of product to be sold hereunder, irrespective of the cause or foresee ability of such curtailment, shortage, or cessation and in the event of  Frontier Cooperative inability to comply with any or all of its obligations to Buyer and others to whom it is bound under then existing contracts or with whom it has had historical relationships, Frontier Cooperative, at its sole discretion, may allocate sales and deliveries to Buyers and others in a fair and commercially reasonable manner.
6.   ASSIGNMENT    This agreement may not be assigned by Buyer to any other person or persons without the prior written consent of Frontier Cooperative.  All product purchased or contracted through this agreement shall be used by the original Buyer only, and shall be delivered to the original Buyer’s property only, as set forth herein.


Contracts must be signed and mailed back by (Office Use Only) from the agreement date to be valid