Yanka/David City

3541 O Road
David City, NE 68632

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welcome to frontier cooperative in david city, nebraska

Branch Manager


Jon LeCuyer
Phone: (402) 942-1949


Zach Pelan
Phone: (402) 367-3319

Frontier stands tall as a comprehensive cooperative, extending its expertise across Grain, Agronomy, Energy, and Feed sectors. As a reliable agricultural ally for over a century, our commitment is steadfast. Situated to the east of David City, Nebraska, our Yanka facility proudly boasts a grain storage capacity of 3.9 million bushels and is equipped with a 75-car train loader. At Yanka, we cater to myriad customer needs, offering services such as anhydrous ammonia, diversified fertilizers, chemicals, and exceptional seed treatment facilities. With round-the-clock fuel dispensers, Yanka ensures a steady supply of Super Unleaded (E10), Clear Diesel, #1 Diesel, and Dyed Diesel. Additionally, the trusted RB’s Corner Stop in David City amplifies our fuel offerings with Super Unleaded (E10), E20 & E30, Premium, and E85.

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Our expert Grain Advisors can create a customized marketing plan for your operation, utilizing strategies like cash sales, offer contracts, and advanced options using futures and options to navigate the volatile grain markets. Whether you want to secure current prices, set price targets, or explore more complex strategies, our team is here to assist you in maximizing your grain marketing success. 

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Frontier is a one-stop agronomy provider, delivering crop protection, nutrients, seed options, custom application services, precision agriculture solutions, and access to the Ultimate Acre System. Our seasoned Ag Advisors in the Yanka/David City area specialize in crafting unique cropping plans that enhance your operation's profitability. With a broad product range and extensive expertise, Frontier is your trusted partner for achieving agricultural success.

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In addition to supplying fuel and oil, we offer a wide range of services, including efficient pumps and robust warranties. As a trusted propane supplier and certified Cenex distributor, we maintain the high standards of Cenex's product line. Our 21 Cardtrol stations gladly accept Frontier fuel cards, and our Energy Advisors in Yanka/David City are ready to create a tailored energy strategy to meet your specific requirements. 

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We offer a range of feeds from trusted brands like CPM, Purina, Land O’Lakes, Lindner, and Kent Feeds, all tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you or your designated nutritionist to develop customized rations that enhance animal health and productivity. Connect with our Nutrition & Livestock Advisors in Yanka/David City to create a unique nutrition strategy for your livestock, whether it's cattle, goats, swine, equine, or more.

Ag Careers At Frontier Cooperative In David City, Nebraska!

Being part of the Frontier family signifies embracing diversity in skills, interests, and talents, which invariably fortifies our collective strength. This ethos enables us to cater proficiently to our diverse customer base.

Our organizational culture champions inclusivity, fostering an atmosphere where every member thrives and contributes effectively. Your agricultural background, while valuable, is secondary to your ability to forge strong, meaningful relationships with our clientele. If you resonate with our philosophy, we eagerly await your introduction!

Kickstart your journey with us by exploring an ag career opportunity today!