Your Land. Your Legacy.

Planning for you, your farm & Your Family

At Frontier, you consistently hear us talk about the importance of creating a plan. Specifically talking about farm plans and how they can create a road map of how to navigate through the decisions you have to make each day, week, month, and year, and to even help you plan for the next five years of your farming operation. A plan can help you control the emotions that come into the mix when making decisions for your operation. Frontier Coop offers a different kind of planning, one that affects your families, communities, and your cooperative. We believe the continuation of family-owned farms is the cornerstone in maintaining all of those things. 

Your ability to plan and successfully transfer your farm to the next generation of dedicated family farm owners will ensure not only a family farm legacy, but also the continued growth of our communities and your cooperative. Most of you already know what you want to have happen, and generally when. You just need a guide to help walk you through the discovery and process of farm transition. This is critical planning that will help align your actions with your goals.

Frontier is committed to our farm families and the communities that we serve. We understand that the continuation of your operation impacts all of us. That is why we have found a strong pool of resources to provide you with a comprehensive plan for you, your farm and your family. Having access to these resources can give you insight on the challenges you may face and outline actions you might take to prepare your family farm for a planned and orderly transition to the next generation. We offer this information to you with the hope that you will take time to explore and find success in this very important process.

Additional Resources

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Land As Your Legacy
Simplified Planning
Keep The Farm & Family Intact
Estate Equalization
Transition Planning Worksheet

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