Your Plan for Success

The one constant in life, and in farming, is change. So why not plan for it?

Ultimate Acre System

The Ultimate Acre System is exclusive to Frontier, and it allows you to build a three-year plan for your operation customized to the realities of your specific situation. It utilizes agronomic information from your farm and also considers your aspirations for your business – like bringing another family member into the operation or growing your acreage.

The result of this personalized and forward-looking approach is that you are better able to make pragmatic business decisions to raise the best crops you can and not throw money at a bad crop. This creates a better ROI and more money in your pocket.

The Details

If your operation qualifies, our Ultimate Acre specialists will work closely with you to begin the process.

We discuss where you’d like to go with your farm, and we talk through the specific steps we’ll take to build your yields for next year’s crop. Our goal is to clearly understand your breakeven cost and plan for that accordingly.

We make a significant investment in your operation to gather data and develop the system that is tailored for your farm. There are also perks that growers receive that are customized to their operation. As a result, we do ask for commitments from you.

To get started with Ultimate Acre: 

  • You must be willing to develop a farm plan for next year’s crop before you harvest this year’s crop.  
  • You must purchase a certain amount of seed from Frontier.  
  • You must purchase your inputs from Frontier

Why Frontier?

We are better equipped than any other company to help growers assemble and execute a yield-building plan for their farm. Here’s why:

  1. We have more than 100 years working with Nebraska farmers on Nebraska soils.
  2. We have a large, experienced team of Ultimate Acre specialists.
  3. We have all the key inputs farmers need to maximize yields.
  4. Our system produces a top crop year-after-year, regardless of weather.
  5. We communicate with Ultimate Acre members using the most modern digital tools.

Get Started!

Contact a Frontier Ag Advisor about the Ultimate Acre System, and we’ll walk you through all the details of the program, including the factors that make this system a can’t miss for your operation.

the Top 5 Factors 

that produce a top crop year-after-year, regardless of weather:

1. Soil Conditions at Planting
2. Seed Placement
3. Seed Quality
4. Right Variety in the Right Field
5. Post-Planting Management