Bringing the Frontier Experience to you

Oct 17, 2022

By: Jon Brabec
Chief Marketing Officer 
How have you experienced Frontier this last year? That’s a question I use when starting employee and producer meetings. When we stop and think about it, we realize that there are numerous ways we have experienced Frontier in the past year. Common examples I hear are ‘I saw a semi on the highway’ or ‘I saw a sprayer in a field.’ Maybe you saw an employee in the community, helping at a county fair, or participating in a town celebration. Perhaps an employee was judging the 4H/FFA contest your child was competing in. 

When we consistently and effectively live our brand values, we create a unique and distinctive experience that draws in future employees and makes customers want to do business with us. Our people, the Frontier Family, create that experience. The Frontier Experience is determined to create the 10% that makes us different than the competition. We understand that everyone has choices of where they can go to work or do business, but we are working to make Frontier your choice.

For us to be able to explain the Frontier Experience, we put it into a simple format. We have four pillars that serve as the foundation of the Frontier Experience. We strive to put “People First.” Frontier treats individuals first as people before viewing them as customers (including employees). We are focused on building relationships, not just transactions. The Frontier team demonstrates proactive empathy in everyday interactions. Frontier team members intentionally show gratitude and respect toward each other, their customers, and members of their communities. We aim to build “An Empowered Team.” Frontier employees are empowered to deliver the Frontier experience to all customers. They are encouraged to listen, act, and create opportunities to make our cooperative better. We focus on “A Culture of Service.” Frontier team members deliver the ‘wow’ factor every day. Frontier Co-op and its people are integral to the communities they serve. Our people think about how they can help others and then act on it. Finally, we make it a priority to bring a “Unique & Unified Customer Approach.” A customized approach for each grower is a fundamental part of Frontier’s service offering. An advisor from each business unit works as a team to develop a unified, proactive approach to meet each customer’s needs today and into the future.

As I stated earlier, the Frontier Experience is the foundation for your cooperative’s direction. If you look at the illustration, everything else we put together for goals builds off the Frontier Experience. From the perspective of time to accomplish the goals, think about the Frontier Experience as goals we are working towards over the next 10 years or more. The Strategic Direction of Frontier are goals we are working towards for the next 2-5 years. Business Unit Annual Game Plans are strategic objectives and tactics for each business unit of Frontier for one year. The last set of goals are Individual or Personal Goals. These goals are a lot shorter time frame that can range from weekly up to 90 days.
When setting long-term or short-term goals, it is imperative that they align and compliment the Frontier Experience because it is the basis of everything we do. When strategizing for growth and development within Frontier, we do it in a way to support the Frontier Experience and continue creating unique and distinct interactions. Your cooperative is over 100 years old, and we will continue for the next 100 years to earn your business, support your farm and family, and bring the Frontier Experience to you.

Thanks for choosing Frontier.

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