Frontier Donates to Local FFA Chapter Grants

Nov 24, 2020

Frontier Cooperative has donated to the Nebraska FFA Foundation to directly support local FFA chapter needs. Six FFA chapters received a grant including Crete, East Butler, Johnson-Brock, Raymond Central, The Career Academy (Lincoln) and Waverly.

Crete received a grant for $1,300 for metal to make welding booths. Currently the Crete welding shop has roll away curtains to divide the booths. This grant will help them purchase metal for the welding students to build booths to make the shop safer.

East Butler received a $3,000 grant for greenhouse and landscaping updates. East Butler plans to update their greenhouse by purchasing a bench system, chemical storage and tool storage with the crop management class making the improvements. They also plan to plant ornamental grasses to block the propane tank and fence from view by the greenhouse. The nursery and landscape class will work on the planting project during the spring.

Johnson Brock received a $2,300 grant for learning lab kits to learn about beef, poultry and plant identification. The kits will be utilized by over 70 percent of the agriculture courses offered at Johnson Brock. They also plan to use the learning lab kits at the elementary occasionally.  

Raymond Central received a $3,000 grant to purchase a commercial cooler. They have a school garden and want to be able to keep their garden produce fresh by putting the produce in the cooler.

The Career Academy (TCA) received a grant for $1,500 for urban poultry production. This grant will help six TCA  FFA members start poultry projects for their own Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).They will gain skills and agricultural literacy in time management, poultry management, animal behavior and record keeping.

Waverly received a $2,500 grant to purchase CASE materials. CASE stands for curriculum for agricultural science. The materials purchased with the grant for the CASE materials include Vernier LabQuest data collection units and a variety of sensors. The sensors can measure temperature, pH, soil moisture, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.  

Frontier Cooperative Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Wilhelm said, “We are proud to support these chapters and the young men and women that have an interest in agriculture. It is a small way that we can give back to the communities that support Frontier Cooperative and a way to support the future of agriculture.”

“The Nebraska FFA Foundation financially supports growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture with Frontier Cooperative's help to area FFA programs to achieve that FFA vision. Thank you Frontier Cooperative for helping provide resources to the chapters in your area,” said Stacey Agnew, Nebraska FFA Foundation Executive Director.

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