Frontier Employees Go "Above and Beyond"

Nov 13, 2023

LINCOLN, NE. November 13, 2023 - For many Frontier employees, going above and beyond their typical job duties is just a natural part of a day’s work. Frontier is lucky to have such a large group of employees that exemplify its mission, vision, and values every day. Each quarter, Frontier recognizes and awards a selection of nominated employees that have gone above and beyond for their contributions to the community, or in the area of one or more of our core values.
The following employees were selected as winners of the Above & Beyond Excellence Award:
Scott Agena – Syracuse
Scott Agena, Operations Specialist out of Syracuse received the Frontier Above & Beyond Award for Bettering our Best!

Scott is consistently exceeding expectations in his responsibilities related to chemical deliveries, KSI loading, and various other tasks. His dedication extends to preparing shuttles for farmers, meticulously calibrating meters, and ensuring the seamless operation of all equipment. Scott's unwavering commitment stands out as he consistently guarantees that our equipment remains ready for action.

His tireless work ethic sets a high standard for all of us to aspire to, making Scott truly exceptional in his role.
Kole Prososki – Belgrade
Kole Prososki, Ag Advisor out of Belgrade received the Frontier Above & Beyond Award for Making a Difference and Supporting the Frontier Family.

Kole has taken on a multitude of extra responsibilities in the office and around the Belgrade location, all while fulfilling his other Ag Advisor duties. He consistently goes the extra mile, often staying late into the night to ensure that every team member has returned safely from the field and has the support that they need.
Jeremy Ekstein – Elmwood
Jeremy Eckstein, Operations Associate out of Elmwood received the Frontier Above & Beyond Award for making a difference and supporting the Frontier Family.  
Jeremy is always in a good mood and shows up ready to make a difference. When asked to do things beyond his driving duties, Jeremy is always ready to help and get things done with a great attitude and a smile. His willingness to step up when others may not has a positive impact on others and makes a difference for his co-workers and producers. Jeremy is a driven and selfless employee and is a breath of fresh air to be around.
Nominees recognized:
Rachel Berner – Palmyra
Kyle Rasmussen – North Bend
Alex Monge – Ceresco
Eric Coufal – Ceresco
Joe Novak – Howells
Katie Masilko & Kyle Konwinski – Columbus
Employees can be nominated by co-workers, supervisors, or even customers. If you know someone who should be nominated, please complete this form and submit it to:

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