Nebraska Beef Summit Tackles Industry Challenges: Insights from Carter Jensen, Frontier Nutrition Advisor

Nov 22, 2023

Students in the Krutsinger Beef Industry Scholars minor program, supported by Nebraska Cattlemen, recently hosted the annual Nebraska Beef Summit this fall. Among the attendees was Carter Jensen, Frontier Nutrition Advisor, who returned with valuable insights from the event's breakout sessions.
The summit was filled with strong speakers that encouraged critical industry discussions. Jensen highlighted the significance of topics discussed, including industry dynamics during periods of low calf numbers and beef supply, genetic tools for cow-calf producers, grazing corn residue, transitional planning, and livestock management in severe weather.
“Being an alumnus of the Krutsinger Beef Industry Scholars Program I was excited to attend the event again this year and connect with students, faculty members, producers, and other industry professionals. Conversations revolving around different genetic tools and grazing corn residue peaked my interest, and I left with a better understanding and new knowledge about some of these areas,” said Jensen.
Jensen expressed the view that genetic tools, though available, may be underutilized in the industry. He also found the discussions on grazing corn residue were particularly enlightening, offering a deeper understanding of sustainable practices.
There was also emphasis surrounding the topic of transitional planning during the summit. Jensen understood the importance of this topic and underlined that while transitioning the family farm across multiple generations is pivotal, it is also very challenging.
“This topic was very beneficial to listen to as it can pertain strongly to our Ultimate Acre System at Frontier. Transitional planning is an important aspect of keeping the family farm going for many generations, but it can be a large struggle when only one kid wants to return to the farm,” said Jensen.
The Nebraska Beef Summit continues to be a crucial forum for addressing industry challenges and fostering meaningful conversations. Jensen's insights emphasize the relevance of these discussions, providing valuable takeaways and giving him knowledge to bring back to his customers at Frontier.

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